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Delivery Playbook Development Guide

What is a Delivery Playbook?

A delivery playbook is a guide for implementing DevOps technical practices and container automation approaches using Red Hat commercial open source products, including OpenShift Enterprise 3. Playbooks are intended to reflect real-world experience delivering solutions through these processes and technologies.

Delivery Playbook Components

Presenter Guide

As a Presenter, I want to have Documentation available to me which allows me to present a Demo of a particular solution in a canned environment.

Guidelines for Presenter Guides

A good Presenter Guide should…

  • List prerequisite knowledge needed to understand the demo material, including resource links to help a presenter ramp up.

  • Contain all execution steps needed to step through a successful demo

  • Include some presenter notes that call out things to highlight, subject matter to cover

Implementer Guide

As an Implementer, I want to have Documentation available to me which enables me to go and implement a particular solution in my own environment.

Guidelines for an Implementor Guide

A good Implementer Guide should…

  • Document Assumptions and Prerequisites

  • Be Flexible - Call out options for alternate or customized approaches

  • Be Specific - Include steps and code examples

  • Be Opinionated - Don’t want to shy away from giving recommendations just because the approach may change later

  • Should not overwrite docs - Complement and reference official documentation whenever possible

  • Include diagrams where relevant

  • Make it appropriate for Public eye


  • Playbooks may in the future be turned into Enablement material…​ think about how this could be turned into exercises