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Red Hat Consulting DevOps and OpenShift Playbooks

Red Hat Consulting DevOps and OpenShift Playbooks are guides for implementing DevOps technical practices and container automation approaches using Red Hat commercial open source products, including OpenShift Enterprise 3. They are intended to reflect real-world experience delivering solutions through these processes and technologies.


Playbooks are maintained by Red Hat Consulting to assist in services delivery, but we’ve opened these guides to the wider community in the spirit of sharing.

This is Not Official Product Documentation

The playbooks are intended to supplement, not replace, official product documentation like Red Hat OpenShift Documentation.

A Work in Progress

The playbooks are intended to be working documents. We are constantly updating these documents to reflect lessons learned in field implementation of these technologies. You’ll find placeholders for incomplete sections and requests for feedback and future contribution.

How to Contribute

We welcome contributions from the community. If you find errors or have a different approach or opinion about how to best solve a problem discussed here, please open an issue and/or submit a pull request. To help you understand how to contribute, please take a look at the following resources: